Local Leadership Maintains Control

School board members know their schools and their communities. Vertex understands this and works diligently to support local school boards as they lead their campuses and make wide-ranging decisions that impact the lives of students and their families.

Schools Maintain:

  • Academic Support and Oversight
  • Curriculum Development
  • Administration & Teacher Development

Vertex Education manages and expands schools through:

The Vertex’s academic team is a proven group of professionals who are well-versed on the techniques and best practices for improving student achievement. Deputy Superintendents and Principal Coaches ensure that school administration teams are fully supported and assisted in day-to-day operational functions.

Vertex staff have overseen 17 schools’ ground-up build and expansion projects with 1,000,000 square feet of school space in 14 municipalities. These projects total more than $200 million in development costs and over the past decade, Vertex has assisted in securing over $500 million in total bond financing.

From before-and-after school childcare to pre-kinder programs and summer camps, these critical services are important components for schools. Unique programs offer a foundation that extend the school experience beyond the usual bell-to-bell hours and provide families with the support they need.

All schools have many state and national regulatory bodies governing their operations and fiduciary responsibilities. Our school boards and parent organizations can be assured that an expert team is on the front line monitoring the status of every development and advising with up-to-date information.

The heartbeat of a school is found in the registrar’s office where student records and documents are kept under watchful eye along with the management of the student information system. Our team of professionals have managed this area of administration and understands the importance of enrollment training, student health and safety training, and the conceptualizing and implementing of solutions for campus issues such as visitor and parental access.

Vertex manages school facilities with a team of building maintenance crews ensuring that all systems are in code and operationally safe for the students, faculty and staff.

From analyzing budgets, to projecting windfalls and shortfalls, the Vertex financial services teams inform school leadership of appropriate fiscal, fiduciary and financial oversight to ensure school success.

A wide-ranging program that affects every school and every student. From operating the National School Lunch Program to monitoring food temperatures to hand washing protocols, the food services team understands the importance of providing students with food selections, careful preparation and expedient delivery that prioritize children’s health and nutrition.

Vertex helps schools research and apply for competitive grants — and often, they are awarded! Keeping good records and showing accountability is a full-time job in itself. This team coordinates the grant world for schools on a national, regional, state and local level.

One of the most complex areas of any business or school entity is the support needed from the experts in HR. Understanding and advising on current employment law and employee issues, to the writing of policies and procedures — are among the many consultative topics the Vertex HR team offers.

Having the right teacher can change a student’s life, but finding gifted and talented faculty and staff for a school can be a challenge. Our team of recruiters search nationwide to help ensure schools enlist the best teachers available.

No school today is without computer technology and the accompanying infrastructure of network support. Installation and maintenance can be daunting, as well as hardware and software compatibility, interfaces, APIs, cybersecurity risks, labs within the school and support for teacher websites and the web store. Our team of technology experts have it under control and stand ready to guide accordingly.

In a digital world, creating a marketing plan is a nuanced process requiring continual calibration. Vertex grounds its marketing and communication plans in data and flights the content across social media channels. Traditional methods are deployed as well. This team stands ready to help you with a plan that is workable, with vision and attainable, realistic goals.

The complexity of how local and state governments affect schools, their families and students is a formidable front to monitor. From following developing legislation to marshalling activists or ambassadors, the public relations and government affairs team assists school personnel in staying on top of state and local issues that affect education funding and public opinion.

Vertex-managed schools provide support for students with disabilities through a full continuum of special education services.As a result, Vertex has a track record of advancing about 10 percent of a school’s SPED students from special education services into general-ed classes by helping them gain necessary skills and strategies to participate successfully.