About Us

Vertex Education has become an admired leader in charter school management. Its team of over 150 dedicated individuals consider it an honor and privilege to change lives through education.

Founded in 2007 as Charter for Excellence (CFE), the management organization has served the ever-expanding network of Legacy Traditional Schools since its inception the same year. The founder’s vision was to provide a high-quality education in communities where parents were hard-pressed to find it. As Legacy grew in academics, enrollment and reputation, CFE did as well. In 2018, CFE became Vertex Education. Today, the organization serves more than 23,000 students at 20 schools in 2 states; and continues to grow.

Excellent schools are in demand, but they are more than just a classroom where learning takes place. They are community and neighborhood anchors that create generational friendships and family connections that will endure for years. Vertex’s efforts have led to record enrollments for its clients, and admiration from community, civic and charter school leaders. These are the result of a three-pronged approach: skilled school management, effective recruitment of quality teachers and staff, and the emphasis on parental engagement in children’s learning.

At Vertex, three core values form the foundation of how team members work with clients and one another. Team members value the innovative mind, the hungry heart and engaging spirit. And it is demonstrated by valuing people, growing smart, and delivering exceptional service. Vertex determined that these values are what sets the company apart and what has made its management a successful formula for so many schools partnerships.